A VR Language Learning Game

LOQUI is a virtual reality game that is designed to help kids learn a new language. It uses the immersive power of VR to simulate real-world environments and cultures, allowing kids to absorb a language in the most natural way possible. For LOQUI, I act as lead design and artist.

MiWorld & BikeTrac

Serious Mobile Apps

For car insurance app development company, Hubio, I was brought in to help bring game design thinking to improve their product engagement. While there, I helped improve the UX and UI of both their MiWorld and BikeTrac products.

5 Star Wrestling

A Playstation 4 and PS3 Game about Pro Wrestling

For 5 Star Wrestling I was initially brought in to create a design for a pro wrestling-themed mobile game, and was later moved to the console game development team. While there I worked closely with a multi-disciplinary team in Unity to improve the game's designs, animations and UI.

3D Environments for Virtual Reality

3D Environments from Concept to Implementation

I was commissioned to create a series of multi-purpose envrionments that would be used for virtual reality experiences ranging from shopping to health to entertainment. All of these environments were created using 3D modelling software, and built using the Unity game engine so the client could fully experience the space before moving ahead with the next steps in the development process.

Misc Digital Projects

From digital cinematography to mobile games

Over the past decade I have created many different digital projects in all sorts of teams, for all sorts of hardware. Included in the video below is a game that dynamically adapts its cinematography to the player's behaviour, a Real Time Strategy game commercially released for the Xbox 360, several game jam projects, and a Kinect game about bikers!